Get your Path Tags here!

Everyone that donates $10.00 or more will receive one. Simply click on the donate button and then respond to the email that you receive.

The email will be coming from


Let me explain what you should do with it when you receive your coin.

Path tags are sort of like Geo coins each one has it’s own number engraved on the back, and the point behind them is to pass it along to the next person you pay it forward to and then they should pass it along and so on and so on. Here is a picture of the tag.

Now when you get your tag you go to the web site and register it, than when you pass it on the next person registers it and all along the way you can log in to the website and see where your tag has been traveling around to.

There is even a path tags community, this is a social media gathering place. I’m going to drop the link in here so you can read all about.

Thank you for you donation and let’s see how far your coin travels.