The Pay-It-Forward Global Foundation Founders, Mark Meersman and  AC Green,  invite you to follow Jack King Horton’s humanitarian example, which has touched and mentored many lives.



Mr. Horton was a confirmed “white-hat” (good guy) inside of the Illuminati.

Bloodlines of the Illuminati — liite 5

Joseph James Horn III; Douglas C. Horner; Kenneth M. Horrall; James A. Horsburgh; Ellet G. Horsman; Jack King Horton; John Horton-Cooper; Robert L. Hoss

What most people don’t realize is that Mr. Horton was a highly-respected leader of integrity who simply wanted to leave this earth in better condition than it was before he arrived. Today, 31 years after his death, a legacy of his life lives on with the Jack King Horton Foundation in honoring American citizens with the prestigious “Jack K. Horton Humanitarian Award.”

He majored in Economics and served on many Bank boards, Defense Contracts, Nuclear Commission Investigators for many Presidents:

– Chairman and CEO of So. California Edison Co.

– Hoover Institute Trustee

– Trustee of Stanford University

– Board of Directors for UCLA
– Board of Directors for Wells Fargo
– Board of Directors for First Interstate Bank
– President’s Board Pepperdine University
– Appeared before Congressional Committees & Federal Agencies in DC (Energy Issues)
– Advocate of nuclear energy
– Head of Investigative Committee on Corruption & Bribery / Security & Exchange Commission
– Director of Lockheed Aircraft
– Examiner of Finances for LA area United Way
– Board of the Lutheran Hospital Society
– Executive Service Corps of So. California
– Treasury Office of Shell Oil Co.
– Director of United California Bank
– Director of Pacific Mutual Life
During his career, Mr. Horton met frequently with US Presidents and many felt as if he should have run for President, but his high-level of integrity most likely would have prevented a successful campaign.