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No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

Working to make a difference one person a day one day at a time

PAY-IT-FORWARD MID-ATLANTIC is the hard working organization that oversees the state affiliates for the Mid-Atlantic region of the US.  Our projects and giving events are action based charitable efforts selected to serve the pressing needs in our region. Join Us Now! Together we can Pay It Forward to make our country strong, united and peaceful, allowing all citizens a chance at prosperity.

In keeping with the foundations strong networking team we are very fortunate to have Michele and Richard leading our MidAtlantic division.

Richard R. Beauchemin, Jr., MD is a distinguished and recognized physician in the field of ophthalmology, having attained the highest certifications in diseases of the eye, cataract surgery, and laser eye surgery.

Dr. Beauchemin is also an inventor and has a strong interest in emerging technologies.

Long before the trend took hold for green building, Dr. Beauchemin built for his large family an 8,000 square foot home of his own design on a mountain top in North Carolina, equipped with a solar powered water supply and other unique energy saving devices.

Dr. Beauchemin provides management and operation expertise to our venture with his background as chief of staff for the Hayward Regional Hospital Center and many years managing his own medical practice.

In the last decade, with a group of other accomplished doctors, Dr. Beauchemin became involved in the land development of rural sites slated for growth for the purpose of providing medical facilities in areas not normally served by regional hospitals.

As a result of his career background and experiences with diverse project developments, Dr. Beauchemin’s contributions to our Non-Profit ventures include oversight for project development, broad based executive managerial skills, and innovative visioning for organizational planning.


Michelle Hurney, a native of Maryland, has an award winning background in financial operations, venture capital, private equity and multi-use real estate project developments.

Distinguishing herself at an early age as the student body president of Institute of Notre Dame in Baltimore, she also obtained higher education degrees in pre-law at Hood College, near DC, and then continued with advanced studies at the University Of Maryland in real estate, valuation, business law and business administration.

For over ten years Ms. Hurney  served as a banking vice-president assigned to the task of writing large capital lines for builders and developers. This position not only required her to build relationships with clients, but to analyze the potential for the success of their submitted project proposals.
For fifteen years thereafter, she was the executive VP and controller of a regional green energy builder, highly recognized for pioneering techniques in the construction field for energy saving technologies in building. More recently she has been engaged with venture capital and private equity for project developments in the clean energy sector.

Her background adds immeasurable value to our non-profit enterprise due to her broad based, hands-on accomplishments with the financial aspects and underwriting of diverse project developments; her keen organizational skills; and her capacities for analyzing business metrics.

Ms. Hurney’s strengths include a thoughtful and collaborative style of servant-leadership, wherein she has the ability for organizing an effective team of experts to accomplish a mission and achieve measurable results. She has held several board memberships and has made significant contributions of time and energy to professional trade organizations to train new young leaders in her field.


MidAtlantic LeadershipTeam

Richard R. Beauchemin, Jr., MD Director

Mark Meersman Founder and Director

Michelle B. Hurney Director